Illuminated Aleph Bookmark by Jean-Jacques LEVI

ESKELES Family Tree Line 3

[6.2] Gabriel ESKELES (b. 1817 Kelsterbach, d. 13 Feb. 1896 Kelsterbach), merchant, married (3 Dec. 1845 Darmstadt) [6.5] Hannche LILIENSTERN (b. 1822 Ortenburg, d. 30 Mar. 1863 Kelsterbach, buried Jewish cemetery of Gross-Gerau). Purchased house in 1862 from his brother [6.1] Abraham ESKELES.

Gabriel and Hannche had 9 children of whom only 3 survived. They are the founders of line 3 from whom only 2 members survived the holocaust.

Numbers in brackets are references to The ESKELES Genealogy by Zeev ESHKOLOT.

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