Illuminated Aleph Bookmark by Jean-Jacques LEVI

ESKELES Family Tree Line 7

[5.5] Meyer Max ESKELES (b. 3 Oct. 1861 Kelsterbach, d. 1923 of appendicitis) came to the US in the 1880s where he joined the Joel MANNHEIMER family. (Joel was the brother of his mother Hannah.) Max married (12 Jan. 1890) [5.29] Dorothea Dora MANNHEIMER (b. 13 Mar. 1867 St. Louis, MO, d. 21 May 1921 St. Louis, MO), the daughter of [5.38] Rosalie MASS (b. 3 June 1833 Primasens, d. 16 June 1910 St. Louis, MO) and [5.27] Joel MANNHEIMER (b. 30 Mar. 1830 Graefenhausen, d. 21 Apr. 1902 St. Louis, MO) Max was a manufacturer's representative for factories that made decorations and findings for hat and shoe manufacturers. Dorothea came to the US at a young age. She took sick with "creeping paralysis" (probably Parkinson's Disease). Max saw that she was well taken care of and had nurses in the house at all times.

Numbers in brackets are references to The ESKELES Genealogy by Zeev ESHKOLOT.

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