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Rabbi Gershon the Kohen son of Akiva COHEN

Some information prepared by Rabbi Yoel FRYD in 1931. For more information contact Mordechai SCHLANGER.

One of the sons of Akiva COHEN was Rabbi Gershon the Kohen whose descendents all sign themselves as being from the family GERSHUNI. (Note: Don't take this literally. There are a number of families called GERSHUNI that appear to have no connection to this Rabbi Gershon. This includes some relatives of the Italian Soncino family that the historian, Gratz, mentions started a publishing house in Prague and called themselves the GERSHUNI family. I haven't been able to make a connection.).

Rabbi Shimshon

Rabbi Gershon had a son who was the great leader Rabbi Shimshon the Cohen. author of "Paneach Raza" on the Torah. Rabbi Shimshon had a son Rabbi Yitzchok. This was the same Rabbi Yitzchok the son of Rabbi Shimshon who was the son-in-law of the great and holy Maharal from Prague.

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