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Most of the information on this page comes from a family tree prepared by Samuel DOKOW of Hemsbach in 1900 based in part on the family tree of Issachar ben Löb OPPENHEIMER of Hoffenheim.



Jakob OPPENHEIMER was born in Hemsbach October 28, 1801 [Hemsbach I S. 439]. In 1853, he was elected Gemeidevorsteher (synagogue elder - head of K'hila) of Hemsbach [Wahl z. Gemeindevorsteher 1853, s. Hemsbach II S. 26]. Jacob was a cattle trader.

Jakob married Jeanette Jankau (Scheinle in Hebrew) [G.L.A. 390 5924] (b. 1802 Hemsbach, d. 9 Sep. 1850 Hemsbach) daughter of Salomon LOEW Jenken [Hemsbach I S. 439]. She drowned to death on the Fast of Gedaliah in the Hemsbach Mikve. They had two children.

Jeanetta Moses

Jakob remarried Jeanetta Moses (Hannchen, Elke in Hebrew, Yeta in Yiddish). She was a widow with one child (Babette WOLF) having lost her first husband WOLF at the age of 18 in 1838 in Schornsheim (Hessen). Hannchen was born 1820 in Hemsbach, and died February 18, 1904 in Hemsbach. Hannchen and Jakob had six children together.

Jakob OPPENHEIMER died 1883 in Hemsbach. His grave (#746), and those of his wives (#878 and #470) were indexed 1987/1992 by Renata FISCHER-HOFFMANN (Hegenichstrasse 68, D-69124 Heidelberg Germany). References [bold] above are due to her.

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