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KLOIZNER Family Tree

The sister of the Maharal of Prague married Zecharia Mendle KLOIZNER the Elder of Posen.

Their son Binyamin Beinush KLOIZNER (d. 1626) married Sarah (or Sarka) daughter of Naftali Zvi HIRSH or HERTZ son of Yitzhak HaDarshan of Levuv.

Benyamin and Sarka had a son Zecharia Mendle KLOIZNER (d. 1672 Jerusalem).

Zecharia's son LEIB Fishles Der Hoicher (The Tall) (d. 1677) married Yuta daughter of Ephraim Fishle (d. 1653) and Gitle (d. 1652) daughter of Rivka and Mordechai SHRENTZEL who were cousins, both descendant from Rashi. (Rivka was the daughter of Yosef KATZ (1511-1591) and Shpritze daughter of Moshe EVERLIS (d. 1577) and Chanah (Yonah?) daughter of Eliezer TREIVISH. Wheresa, Mordechai SHRENTZEL was the son of Yitzhak SHRENTZEL and Chavah (d. 1611) also daughter of Eliezer TREIVISH.)

LEIB Fishles Der Hoicher (The Tall) and Yuta's daughter Ester married Shaul LOWENSTAM son of Abraham Yehoshua Heschel (1596-1663).

Chacham Zvi Ashkenazi They had a son Aryeh LEIB (1690-1756) who married Miriam ASHKENAZI the daughter of the Chacham Zvi ASHKENAZI and his wife Sara MIRLES. (See this 1700 painting of the Chacham Zvi on the right. One copy of this painting is in the Jewish Mueseum in London. Another copy is in Jerusalem at Josh BUSH's father's cousin's house. A third copy is in the possession of a family in London, a relative of Paul SHAVIV. There is a great story around this painting. It is probably the very first time that a Rabbi was actually painted. Since than, it became more acceptable. One story is that the Chacham Zvi was interviewing for a rabbinical position in London. Another story is that he was called to London to settle a dispute amoung the Sephardim - possibly to check a controversial sermon preached by Chacham David Nieto for heresy. In any case, the door was left open a bit and seemingly, without his knowledge the painter painted him. His son Yakov Emden (The YaBetz: Yakov Ben Zvi) writes about it in his very famous biography entitled Megilat Sefer.) A slightly different portrait of the Hakham Tzvi appears in M. H. GANS, Memorbook, Baarn, 1977, p. 163 (top), together with the more famous copy in London.

Zvi Hersch Berlin (Rabbi Hart Lion) The son of Arie LEIB and Miriam was Zvi Hersch Berlin (Rabbi Hart Lion)

Chief Rabbi Solomon Herschel BERLINER Their son was Chief Rabbi Solomon Herschel BERLINER, The first Chief Rabbi of the British empire.

His son was David Tevele BERLINER

His daughter was Ester Michle BERLINER. She married (1838 Jerusalem) Yohanan Zvi Hersch SCHLANK a descendant of the KREMNITZER / KALISHER line and also the Yaffe line and according to Yaccobi connected also to the Maharal via Yohanan Zuris.

Their son was Yehoshua SCHLANK (1857-1937 b. and d. in Jerusalem).

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Source: Joshua BUCH obtained information on this page from Mishpahot Atikot BeIsrael (Old Families of Israel, or Old Jewish Families) by Y. L. SHPIRA in which SHPIRA is quoting Tiferet Beir David by Moshe Yair BINSTOCK.

The Family Orchard by Nomi Eve See The Family Orchard by Nomi Eve, daughter of Joshua BUCH. This book recounts the story of six-generations of her Jewish family in Jerusalem.

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