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Other OPPENHEIMER's of Hamburg

Berend Hirsch (Issachar or Joschua) OPPENHEIMER (b. 1 Apr. 1793?, d. 16 Dec. 1870?) (or b 1755 d. 1858 according to family papers). Married Pes’chen Betty Marcus (d.1840) He was the eldest of 5 children. He became a very successful businessman having founded in 1824, the Hamburg company "HB Oppenheimer" (in wholesale watches and clocks , glass, porcelain, mirrors and haberdashery ) and in 1834 in Leipzig, haberdashery. By 1830 he made efforts to acquire larger premises at Miller Steinweg, for his business but he was denied the purchase, but in 1847, five years after the Fire of Hamburg , he built at Neuer Wall 63-67 a stately five-story building. On the two high doorways stood the inscription "HB Oppenheimer" . The building was next to office space and housing a private synagogue. In 1868 he founded a Jewish Orthodox charitable foundation guided " Oppenheimer pen" in Hamburg on Krayenkamp. He was only able to oversee the work of his foundation for two years before he died. His final home was at No. 63 Baumwall, in the Neustadt district of Hamburg and he was first buried in the former Grindelfriedhof (Grindel cemetery). 1937 he was transferred to a grave of honour in the Ohlsdorf cemetery. In his will, he designated funds for the maintenance of a private synagogue that existed at Nos. 63-67 Neuer Wall.

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