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COHEN family tree

For complete details, see EMBDEN family from Hamburg ascendants and descendants by Gerd FRIEDT (unpublished). Here I will only give the branches that connect to the LOEB family tree.

All COHEN's are descendents of Aaron.

Issachar COHEN (b. around 1635 Worms, d. 1728 Hamburg) also known as Berend Salomon COHEN, Berend SALOMON, or Baer SALOMON was the son of Juda Seligmann COHEN (rabbinic scholar in Worms), son of Jacob Joseph Cohen of Worms. Issachar was a wealthy and pious Jew.

Issachar had three wives. He first married Bela REE (b. 1643, d. 1696 Hamburg) daughter of Jacob REE and Glueck MEHLREICH. They had no children.

Issachar remarried Reisel SCHIFF (d. 1699) daughter of David SCHIFF from Teblisch.

Finally, Issachar remarried Genendel, sister of Reisel, died 1721 Hamburg. 

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