Illuminated Aleph Bookmark by Jean-Jacques LEVI

ESKELES Family Tree Line 4

[6.3] Feist ESKELES (b. 1828 Kelsterbach, d. 28 Dec. 1898). Apprentice-tailor in Kelsterbach at age of 14. Moved to Frankfurt where he was a merchant. Feist ESKELES first married (1 Sep. 1858 Darmstadt) [6.6] Eva GINSBERGER (Esther) (b. 1832 Jaegersheim, d. 10 Jan. 1860 Kelsterbach). They had three children all of whom were still born or died young.

Feist ESKELES remarried (18 Feb. 1861 Darmstadt) [6.7] Jettchen Johanetta SALOMON (b. 1827(1824) Amsbach, d. before 1890 Frank.) They had three children of whom only one survived. All of Hermann's descendants but one (Gerard KOCH) died or perished in the holocaust.

Numbers in brackets are references to The ESKELES Genealogy by Zeev ESHKOLOT.

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