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KAMINER Family Tree

Yoheved Rivka FRANKEL THEOMIM (b. 1768, d. 11 Dec. 1833 Warsaw, Poland) married Meir Jehiel Halevi KAMINER (b. around 1765 Chenchin, Poland) son of Yacov Yoseph Zemach KAMINER and Ester BEILE.

Their son Judah KAMINER (b. 1810 or 1825 Chenchin, Poland, d. 14.10.1891 Chenchin, Poland) m. 1830 Hadasah ROTENBERG (b. 1812 or 1827 Chenchin, Poland- d. after 1898 Warsaw). She was the daughter of Moshe Chayim ROTENBERG and of Dvora Matil SAYONC.

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