Illuminated Beth Bookmark by Jean-Jacques LEVI

Rabbi David Jakob KOPPEL MIRELS-FRAENKEL Neumark (b. Vienna, d. 1657 Vienna) of Vienna married Rechel MIRELS (b. 1594, d. 26 Jan 1664 or 1612 Berlin)

According to WACHSTEIN, the husband of Rachel HELLER WALLERSTEIN was David Jacob Mirls FRAENKEL Newmark (d. 1657) He took the name FRAENKEL from his father in-law (Jacob KOPPEL HELLER WALLERSTEIN Fraenkl- d. 1612) and the name Mirls from his mother in-law (Mirl Sara THEOMIM) (???).

According to the family book of EGER and the Mirels Yicchus letter, David Jacob Mirls FRAENKEL Newmark (d. 1657) was the son of Rabbi Naphtali HIRSCH Neumark (d. 1659 a Av beit Din of Fulda). he was the son of Mirel (1591-1673?) the grand daughter of the MAHARAL [ the daughter of Rachel (d. 1633 Prague) Maharal's daughter and Rachel's husband was Abraham (d. 1591) Prague, the son of Moshe Halevi HELLER- WALLERSTEIN d. 1591] Rabbi Naphtali HIRSCH Neumark father's was Aharon MIRELES, the son of Miriam KATZNELLENBOGEN (a granddaughter of Saul WAHL-KATZENELLENBOGEN) and of Yaacob KOPPEL Halevi- WALLERSTEIN, who was the son of Aharon Halevi HELLER- WALLERSTEIN (d. 1591) which does not fit to the Aron mentioned above who died in 1649.

The Unbroken Chain (For more information, about the KATZENELLENBOGEN family with connection to almost every major European Rabbinic Family. See The unbroken chain : biographical sketches and the genealogy of illustrious Jewish families from the 15th-2Oth century by Neil ROSENSTEIN.)

According to EGER book Rachel is not a descendants of MAHARAL. The wife of David Jacob Mirls FRAENKEL Newmark (d. 1657) was Rachel (b. 1612) the daughter of Jacob KOPPEL HELLER WALLERSTEIN Fraenkl- d. 1612 (her father died the same year she was born ???) and of Miriam Sara (Mirel) 1575-1639. Jacob KOPPEL HELLER WALLERSTEIN Fraenkl was the son of Avraham Halevi HELLER -WALLERSTEIN (d. 1571) and of Bilha the daughter of Meir Halevi from Prague. Miriam Sara (Mirel) (1575-1639) was the daughter of Deberl, (the daughter of Joseph Pohelitz) and of Meshulam ZALMAN THEOMIM- Munk (d. 1621 Vienna), the son of Moshe Aharon Lemmel THEOMIM (Hechassid) 1521-1609 Prague and of Rivka (b. 1545) Prague, the daughter of Israel HOROVITZ (d. 1572) and of Ursula.

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