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Rabbi Meshulam Salman I MIRELS b. 1624, d. 28 Nov. 1706) married daughter of Jacob TOMODES

Rabbi Meshulam Salman I MIRELS was Rabbi of Hamburg and av beit din. He had twenty-five children, was father-in-law of the Gaon Haham Tzvi, and lived to see 400 descendants.

  1. Rabbi Loeb MIRELS
  2. Rabbi Abraham MIRELS (b. about 1650)
  3. Arie Loeb MIRELS (b. about 1660)
  4. Moses MIRELS
  5. daughter married Rabbi Elchanan BERLINER
  6. daughter married Rabbi Shalom SACKHEIM
  7. son married Miriam bat Nathan FRIEDLANDER, and then remarried Grendil bat Baruch KARPELIS
  8. Hirsh Naftali MIRELS (d. 1720) married Lea (d. 1734)
  9. Pesla MIRELS (d. about 1755) married Loeb KOHN Jehuda POPERS (d. 1754)
  10. daughter married Samuel SANFEL
  11. Baer MIRELS
  12. Zeev Wolf MIRELS (d. 1716) married Rosa RAUSNITZ (d. 1716). He had 25 children, also father in law of Chacham Zvi GLUECKEL: Printer of Hebrew books Prominent Berlin Jewry. 1696 "Schutzjude Wulff Salomon" House in Spadauerstrasse where, after the house burnt down, a synagogue was permitted to be erected. 1698 member of the elders of the community. 1702/3 printed the four Turim of R. Jacob ben Asher and many others 1698 decreed to be the Eldest of Berlin Jewry. Expelled from Vienna with the Jews in 1670, emigrated to Berlin
  13. Rabbi Aron I MIRELS (b. about 1740) of London married Miriam bat Shlomo LEVY. (Note: this branch's dates don't match well with Aron's siblings. To be fixed. Perhaps d. 1740?)
  14. Sarah MIRELS (b. 1670, d. 23 Jan. 1719) married (m. 1696) Zvi Hirsh ASHKENAZI Haham (b. 1658/1660, d. 1 May 1718)
  15. daughter married Rabbi Isaac GUENZBURG

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