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Edward OPPENHEIMER and Gudel (Julia) DINKELSPIEL Family Tree

OPPENHEIMER Stammbaum To the right, is an image of the Stammbaum OPPENHEIMER family tree which begins with Zacharias OPPENHEIMER in 1827 and goes up to 1885. David E. OPPENHEIMER DEOPPY at has a 8x10" color negative of this color lithograph. If you are interested in a beautiful 24x26" reproduction. Please contact him. If enough people are interested the cost will be around $65. (Phone: 561-392-8742, Mail: 2707 N. Ocean Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33431.)

Edward OPPENHEIMER (b. 23 April 1830 Michelfeld, d. 6 December 1918 New York City) married (21 March 1852 New York City) Gudel (Julia) DINKELSPIEL (b. 19 February 1827 Michelfeld, d. 14 July 1866 New York City). Gudel is the niece of Rebecka HERZOGand the great great aunt of Helen NESTOR Hnestor at

Edward OPPENHEIMER remarried (5 May 1867) Matilde (Mary) LEVINTAS (b. 28 July 1845 Baden, Germany)

Edward came to the US from Michelfeld via Stuttgart where he picked up watch crystals which he peddled in New England after he arrived in New York City. The story goes that because of his honesty candor, he did very well and developed the confidence of the tradespeople and jewelers. They would mention that so-in-so was going to get married and could he get a stone or diamond ring for them? He developed contacts in New York and Europe and eventually created a very successful diamond importing business. When his three boys matured he turned the business over to them however, they did not get along too well.

Edward patented an interesting calendar watch mechanism (patent number 52591)

Edward and Gudel had eight children:

  1. Sigmund (Siegward) OPPENHEIMER (b. 14 March 1853 New York City, d. 7 February 1876 New York City)
  2. David Edward OPPENHEIMER (b. 9 April 1854 New York City, d. 30 December 1846 New York.) (This date is inconsistent and should probably be corrected to 1946.) David married (7 April 1881) Mathilde DAVIDSON (b. 22 July 1860 New York City, d. 22 May 1922 New York City) daughter of Julie WINKLER (b. 28 Feb. 1831 Schnaittach, d. 21 July 1878 New York) and Seligmann (Simon) DAVIDSON (b. 20 May 1822 Schnaittach, d. 9 Jan. 1893 New York). David OPPENHEIMER left the family diamond importing business and went into real estate, where he did very well. See Tuchmann Stammbaum (Table T II B)
  3. Emily (Milie) OPPENHEIMER (b. 7 May 1855 New York City, d. 1 April 1857 NY)
  4. Rosa (Rose) OPPENHEIMER (b. 2 June 1856 New York City, d. 21 March 1859 New York City)
  5. Selina OPPENHEIMER (b. 17 August 1858 New York City, d. 27 December 1872 New York City)

  6. Flora OPPENHEIMER (b. 10 October 1860 New York City, d. 10 October 1938) married (22 June 1879) Edward HIRSCH (b. 12 May 1846 New York City). Children: Elsie HIRSCH (b. 21 March 1884), Lili HIRSCH (b. 30 March 1887)
  7. Henry Edward OPPENHEIMER (b. 27 January 1863 New York City, d. 24 July 1941 New York City) married (26 January 1888) Lena DAVIDSON (b. 4 December 1865 New York City, d. 5 August 1925 New York City). Ran the family diamond business after his brothers David Edward and Milton left. Renamed the business H.E.O.
  8. Milton Edward OPPENHEIMER (changed family name to OPTON) (b. 5 February 1866 New York City, d. 11 May 1944) married (28 December 1898) Harriet ROSENBERG (b. after 1870 New York City). Milton E. OPTON and Harriet ROSENBERG had two children.

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