Illuminated Mem Bookmark by Jean-Jacques LEVITilla LOEW daughter of the Maharal

Tilla LOEW married Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch SABA or SABATKA of Lublin (b. Prague), Dayan of Prague 1630, son of Joseph Yaski and/or else (according to David Peter John LEWIN davidlewin at she married Rabbi Zechariah Mendel I WAHL. (LEWIN's source: M001: in Johanna Sokolowski Mendl handwriting the Surname Wahl is added This is 1930's research in Germany and is now in the hands of the Leo Baeck Inst. in NY)

Her children:

Information on this page contributed by David Peter John LEWIN davidlewin at Also contact Jacky LAZNOW for FRUMKIN family tree (over 500 names) descended from Tilla LOEW. Main source is the Hebrew book Selected Writings of Israel Dov FRUMKIN. Israel Dov FRUMKIN was the brother of great-great-grandfather of Jacky LAZNOW. He was the editor of the first Hebrew newspaper in Jerusalem Habatzelth.

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