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Perl LEIB (b. 1666, d. 30 May 1722) married Rabbi Feivel Premsler Joshua Ezekial TEOMIM (THEOMIM?) (b. 1654 Grodno, Lithuania, d. 1726 Przemyst, Galicia). Named "Frankel" because he went to Przemysl from France (Metz).

He was the son of Bella and Rabbi Chaim Johnah THEOMIM (d. 16 April 1649) who was author of Kikujan di Jonah, edited in Amsterdam 1690 by his son Josua, second printing 1712 at Hanau, Germany. Chaim Theomim was born in Prague and acted as rabbi in Grodno and Pinsk (Lithuania). In 1648, because of the Chmielnick pogrom, he fled to Vienna, Nikolsburg (Austria), and finally Metz (Lorraine).]

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