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Rabbi Haim HALBERSTAM (1792 Tarngorod-1876) is the famous Rabbi Chaim HALBERSTAM, the Rebbe of Sanz, Also known as "the Divrei Chaim" (after his work by that name) who was antecedent to several Chassidic dynasties.

The Sanz Hassidim have a Yichus document showing how they are descended via the Maharal of Prague from R. Yoseph I of Rome and then back to King David.

He first married (1) Rachel Feige FRANKEL-TEOMIM and they had eight children:

  1. Reitze HALBERSTAM m. 1855 Rabbi Mordechai Dov TWERSKI (b. 20 Sep. 1839, d. 14 Sep. 1903) the Hornisteipler Rebbe, the maternal great-grandson of both Rabbi Mordechai TWERSKY of Chernobyl (and grandson of the Cherkasser Rav Yaakov Yisroel TWERSKY and  Devorah Leah SCHNEERSOHN) and Rabbi Dov Ber SHNEURI , 2nd Lubavitcher Rebbe (son of Rabbi Shneur Zalman BORUCHOVITCH of Liadi, author of the Tanya). The Hornisteipler Rebbe was also 1st cousin of the Zhitomer Rav, Rabbi Schneur Zalman Mordechai SCHNEERSOHN.
  2. Miriam HALBERSTAM m. Moshe UNGER (buried Safed) son of R. Mordecai David of Dombrovo.
  3. Yuta HALBERSTAM m. R. Eliezer Jercham BARON son of  Israel Isaac son of R. Issachar Dov of Radewitz.

  4. Rabbi Ezekial Shraga HALBERSTAM (b. 1813, d. 1896 Sieniawa), Rebbe of Shineva

  5. Rabbi David HALBERSTAM, the Kr'Shanover Rav (b. 1821, d. 1894 Keshaov), first married (1) Achsah.
    David HALBERSTAM remarried (2) Leah Zissah ZINZ.
  6. Meir Nathan HALBERSTAM (d. Bobov) m. Beila HOROWITZ. Did not become a rebbe as he died during a plague in Sanz as a young man.
  7. Rabbi Aaron (Aharon) HALBERSTAM (b. 1824, d. 1903 Sanz) who succeeded his father as Rebbe of Sanz. He married Channah Elke WEINBERGER.
  8. Rabbi Boruch HALBERSTAM (b. 1826, d. 1906 Gorlice), the Rebbe of Gorlitz, first married Pesel TEITELBAUM (d. 1884). Baruch HALBERSTAM remarried (2) .. SHAPIRO. They had no children.

Then Rabbi Haim HALBERSTAM remarried (2) his first wife's sister ??? FRANKEL-TEOMIM.

Then Haim HALBERSTAM married his third wife Rachel UNGER and they had six children:

  1. Freidel HALBERSTAM m. Rabbi Eleazar Halevi ROSENFELD (b. 10 Apr. 1862 Kaminka), the son of Rabbi Yehoshua, the son of Rabbi Sholem. (See his biography for more information.)

  2. Nechama HALBERSTAM m. Isaac Tuvia RUBIN of Sacz.

  3. Gitche HALBERSTAM m. Bezalel Joshua MOSKOWITZ (d. 1910 Galina) son of R. Jehiel Michal of Glogow.

  4. Tilly HALBERSTAM m. Aaron HOROWITZ (1840-1931)

  5. Shalom Eliezer HALBERSTAM (b. 1862, d. 1944 Rotsfurt) married his half niece Sara Miriam TWERSKI (1861-1942)

  6. Isaac Isaiah HALBERSTAM (b. 1864, d. 1943 Checkoyv)

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