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Zivie Cecilie MIRELS

Zivie Cecilie MIRELS (Bube Tuch) (b. 1797 Kozemin, d. 1901 Jarotschin) married Matityahu MATHIAS. They had son son.

Matthrias died and Zivie remarried (20 Jan. 1835 Wreschen) Julius Juda PIETRKOWSKI, a wealthy man originally from Posen. They had 18 children of whom 12 survived:

  1. Mathias PIETRKOWSKI (b. 14 or 27 May 1836 Jarotschin, d. April 1923 or 1926 Hilbesheim) m. Idoline Lina Schoene REIMANN (1851-1915)

  2. Moritz PIETRKOWSKI apparently emingrated to the US, and then came home to Berlin to die c. 1915. No known issue or marriage

  3. Simon PIETRKOWSKI (d. 1921 Jarotschin) m. Emma. Children: Anna PIETRKOWSKI, Mirza GOETZ, and Goetz PIETRKOWSKI

  4. Aaron PIETRKOWSKI (d. 1900) married Agathe ??. Children: Leo David PIETRKOWSKI, Hedwig PIETRKOWSKI m. ?? SCHWAIJWEIN.

  5. Isaac PATTERSON or PIETRKOWSKI (d. about 1933 New York City), unmarried, no children. Agent for Equitable Life in New York City. It was his 3 properties on 5th Ave. that Bernard PETERS had to sell cheaply in 1934 to allow the 17 heirs to escape Germany.

  6. T. PIETRKOWSKI (b. Jarotschin). Mentioned as "Onkel T" in one family letter. Farmer.

  7. Leopold PETER or PIETRKOWSKI (b. Jarotschin, d. 1942 Israel) m. Emma ?? or Selma COHN (d. 1951 Israel). Children: Yehuda PIETRKOWSKI, Helga PIETRKOWSKI, Arthur PIETRKOWSKI, Wanda PIETRKOWSKI m. FISCHER.

  8. Rosa PIETRKOWSKI (b. Jarotschin) m. ?? SAMTER.

  9. Henriette (Jete) PIETRKOWSKI m. Samuel JOACHIMCZYK. Children: Ernestine JOACHIMCZYK, Eduard JOACHIMCZYK, and Hermann JOACHIMCZYK.

  10. Amanda PIETRKOWSKI m. (13 Jan. 1874) Nathan LACHMAN.

  11. Aaron PIETRKOWSKI (b. 1900 Jarotschin) m. Agathe AUERBACH (d. 1930 Berlin). Children: Leo David PIETRKOWSKI and Hedwig PIETRKOWSKI m. SCHWARZWEISS.

  12. Another brother in the US as family notes mention three brothers emmigrated to the US. This one may eventually be traceable.

  13. 7 more children

  14. Alfons PIETRKOWSKI (b. 1868, d. after 1952). Lived in Breslau. 4 children including a son.

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