Rabbi Naftali Ha-COHEN family tree

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Rabbi Naftali Ha-COHEN (b. Frankfort, d. 1644 or 1649) was the son of Rabbi Isaac I COHEN and of Vaigerl, the daughter of Rabbi Jehuda Loeb the Maharal.

Rabbi Naftoli wsa Rabbi in Lublin and in Pinsk and then in Mahren. He was Av Bais Din in Lublin. Married Dinah KATZENELLENBOGEN.

Rabbi Naftoli had four children:

After Naftoli's death Dinah remarried Rav Yehoshua Heschel - who was the rebbe of the Sha"ch and the Ta"z - was Rosh Yeshiva in Lublin

Rabbi Isaac II Ha-COHEN

Rabbi Isaac II Ha-COHEN, Rabbi in Stopin and in Prague and of Lublin and the Galil.

He married Mandel MARGALIOT daughter of Rabbi Mendel MARGULIS the Av Bais Din of the holy congregation of Pzemuslov, son of Joel MARGOLIS-SCHOTENGEN.

Rabbi Yitzchok had sons who were famous Geonim.

  1. The great Gaon Rabbi Naftoli II KATZ Ha-COHEN (b. 1649 Ostrovo, d. 1719). Kidnapped by the Tartars and escaped. Married the Esther Shaindel daughter of the Rabbi Shmuel Shmenle Rabbi of his town, son of Meir Zak of Lvov. At age he age 29 he became Rav in Posen and went on to become Av Bais Din of Posen, the author of Semichus Chachomim. 1704 he went to Frankfurt Am Mein and stayed there until 1711. Then he went to Prague and then to Breslau. Then Posen wanted to have him back then he went to Palestine but died on the way in Constantinople in 1719. Reknowned as a "lion" (expert) in both the revealed and hidden studies in Pozna, Meintz and later in Tiberias in the Holy Land.
  2. Rabbi Yeshaya KATZ the Kohen, the Av Bais Din of the holy congregation of Pzemuslov
  3. Rabbi Yehudah LEIB, the Av Bais Din of the holy congregation of Platzk which is in the country of Preisin. Descendants including the FALK family to be entered. Contact: Stephen FALK
  4. Ester HaCOHEN
  5. Palke HaCOHEN m. Rabbi Itzhal.

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